] Kaufman’s was a hangout for survivors

Why Skokie? The town lives and breathes the story of Jewish survival, thanks to its history as a hub for Holocaust survivors in the post World War II era. Kaufman’s owner Bette Dworkin explains, “Kaufman’s was started by a survivor [Maury Kaufman] and when my family bought it in ’84, the bulk of the staff were survivors, with numbers on their arms [tattoos used as identification in Nazi concentration camps during WWII]. There was the largest per capita number of Replica Designer bags survivors in Skokie for any community in the country [.] Kaufman’s was a hangout for survivors.”.

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Designer Replica Bags One: Recently I visited a district registrar of stamps where a document of a property being bought by me was to be registered. The office has now a cabin for the sub registrar with an air conditioner and there are a few more plastic chairs than there were when I had visited it in 2003. All, I am told, paid by the touts who encircle the office to an extent that without connivance with them, no one can meet the registrar Designer Replica Bags.

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